Your vehicle safely transported

Car transport is a term, which certainly does not only apply to transporting new cars from the factory to the local dealers. Since we carry out several transports a week from the Netherlands to Spain and back, we have become increasingly specialized in the reciprocal transport of cars, luxury sports cars, off-road vehicles, family cars and motorcycles. One of the reasons for this is the fact that more and more people decide to take their faithful friend, the car, with them when they go abroad for a longer period of time, but they prefer not to drive for hours; they take the plane to their destination and we make sure that their car is delivered on the spot.

In some of these cases, renting a car is an option, but if your vacation lasts a little longer, transferring your own car can become more economical and you will be on the road with your own familiar equipment. For people who want to spend the winter in the south, we certainly offer the ideal solution. You can put your goods that you want to use at your destination in the car, as long as the driver’s seat is accessible to our driver you can load the car as you see fit. Please note that you must comply with applicable customs regulations regarding alcohol, tobacco and other restricted goods.

Of course we also provide transportation of motorcycles and heavy bikes, the temperatures in the warm south offer almost in every season the opportunity to enjoy a trip with the motorcycle.

The transport of your car is our concern!

Our advice:

If driving long distances to and from your vacation resort or your winter destination proves to be a difficult task, take the plane to your final destination with peace of mind; we will ensure that your car is delivered to and back from your destination with the best care.


We move your belongings, in whole or in part, with care and specialization from and to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and all locations along our route.

We are happy to give you some tips if you are facing a move:

General cargo

Ons wagenpark is ook uitgerust om het transport van stukgoederen of goederentransport voor u te verzorgen. Whether it is the transport of packages, pallets or full truckloads, we transport your shipment all over Europe. For shipments that need to be picked up on our busiest routes, this is also possible for a smaller volume. With our general cargo transport we pass locations throughout Europe several times a week.

Caravan transport

Caravans remain for many the ideal means to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Carefree camping, away from all the stress and daily worries in a totally different environment with the main theme of tranquility. Here we have the key to new challenges for you, regardless of the size of your caravan, we will pick it up from its current location and transport it to the new vacation resort of your choice across Europe.

Even if you have no desire to make the long journey from Northern Europe to Spain/Portugal, we can arrange for your caravan to be delivered to your campsite. This way you can enjoy the trip to your vacation destination without any stress. Of course we can also take care of the transport back home for you.

Special transport

Several truck combinations from the Jachttrans fleet are also very suitable for your special transports. With our expertise we can arrange special transports or exceptional transports to any destination in Europe. The term special and exceptional transport refers to the transport of goods on public roads that, in terms of dimensions in length, width, height or total volume, fall outside the norms of the legal traffic regulations.

Boats can often be gigantic in their dimensions; therefore, boat transport very often falls under the heading of special transport.

Not every transport company can and may take care of this type of transport. Jachttrans has the necessary permits to realize these kind of special transports. If it appears that extra permits are needed for certain transports we will arrange this for you. We are glad to talk with you to discuss the possibilities of your transport.

Let Jachttrans arrange your transport.

Your special transport is carried out with great care by Jachttrans. Feel free to contact us for all possibilities