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Road transport through the Netherlands and Europe Netherlands and Europe

Exceptional transport

For almost everything that has to do with road transport, from general cargo, household effects, motorcycles and caravans to special and exceptional transports.

Throughout Europe

Logistically speaking, you can count on us for anything you want to be transported across Europe.

In Spain and the Netherlands

We have a Spanish home base on the Costa Blanca in Polop (Alicante) and a second one in Gilze (Noord-Brabant).

Welcome at Jachttrans

Jachttrans is a well-established transport company, which originally started in 1925 with cattle transport, refrigerated transport and general cargo.

After moving to the Costa Blanca in Spain in 1983 we started transporting for local clients (especially in the province of Alicante near Benidorm). Over the years this has grown into what Jachttrans is today. Our long family tradition has thus been revived. We currently do more than twenty transports per week throughout Europe with car transports, caravans, boats, general cargo, special transports and removals, in short everything that needs to be transported. Our entire team and more than twenty truck combinations are at your disposal.

The advantages of transport by Jachttrans

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More about Jachttrans

Private transport Jachttrans


We are a transport company that makes quality, but also the contentment of our clients a priority. With our extensive fleet we can answer almost every demand of our customer.

Jachttrans car transport


Our services regarding car transport throughout Europe are aimed at individuals and companies, such as garage companies, forwarding agents, emergency centres and dealers.

Jachttrans special transport

For individuals

It is also possible to use our services as a private person. If you want to have your car imported we have the possibilities to execute the assignment.


Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you with your logistical issue.

You can reach us at:

Branch office Jachttrans Spain

Poligono Pla de terol
Calle Hermus 5
03520 Polop de la Marina Alicante

Tel: +31 10 521 1430
Tel: +34 966 896 065

Branch office Jachttrans Netherlands

Biestraat 6B
5125 NJ Gilze

Tel: +31 85 020 6100